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Google & Facebook bypass Apple security to track users even when cookies are turned off : Interesting to note that this opens the potential that Google & Facebook have some of the most accurate targeting available as they have a more complete data source. It also raises the question of security with regards to digital devices

Youtube invests in Hollywood content producers to increase original content : A sign that Youtube is trying to broaden its appeal and become more engrained in daily life

Why some ads go viral and others don’t : Good top-line analysis of what makes content spread by Harvard Business Review

Social Personalisation and the doppelganger effect : An interesting analysis of the psychological impact of placing a consumer within advertising –


The Psychology of colour : A worthwhile read for anyone interested in design of any kind

How cities will drive global change & innovation : A very inspiring look at the way cities are driving innovation and improvement through data and interconnectivity


New blog launched – Art on plonk

So the other night, as I was drinking a glass of delicious red wine and looking at the beautiful typography on the bottle I realised that the label on a bottle of wine is so much more than just a label. It serves not only to capture the imagination of the shopper, but also to convey something about the wine. It is art.

And so, with that I present Art on plonk

You can contribute too, by submiting your photo’s and images of art on plonk to

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