Election Watch 2010

The fire represents the excitement, of which there is none in this election

Since everyone else is writing about the election I thought I might as well throw together a quick summary for all those who are not at all interested.

This election is shaping up to be the least inspiring display of political ineptitude ever experienced. Honestly, I have seen potatoes more erudite and interesting than either potential PM. Not only this, but there is very little debate happening because the two parties are in agreement on their primary policies, simply trying to win by one-upping each other around a series of issues that are not actually important.

Here is a list of what both Labor and Liberal have spoken about thus far:

They hate boats
They don’t like gays
They want us to pay less tax (don’t they always)
They hate each other
Nobody like K-Rudd (poor fella)

You could probably go read some more thought out analysis at sites where people actually care, but its easier to watch the two clips below since they basically summarise the last month of campaigning.

Every single ad/debate/other announcement by either party

Our election options
Couldn’t embed so click here


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