Social Media Expert Kit

In light of the dramatic over-reaction to Crust Pizza posting a link to a youtube clip of bad female drivers I put together a kit to help all the Social Media Experts through this difficult time.


I understand that the implication that all females are bad at driving is sexist, however it is worth noting that the video’s title is actually accurate in that every bad driver it happened to feature was, in fact, female.


21 thoughts on “Social Media Expert Kit

  1. I didn’t forget, I exempted it because unlike you I’m not crude*

    *this may or may not be a complete load of shit

  2. I think they’re too busy talking/tweeting/blogging about the Old Spice guy than to care about this at the moment. They’re still gonna participate in #CrustFreePizzaFriday tweets I bet. 😉

  3. With the exception of a copy of ‘Social Media for Dummies’, your illustration perfectly sums up my thoughts on this matter .

  4. I was going to say congrats on your new role on your facebook page, but i thought this might be a better place to do it.

    congrats on your new role in social media!

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