A new series of guest posts: My Start in the Media Industry by Daniel Cravero

Daniel Cravero is a friend of mine who very recently started his first role in the industry as a Media Assistant at the GroupM owned MindShare. I approached Daniel and asked if he would be interested in sharing his experience of being a new person in the industry in order to capture the full process as he grows from these beginnings as a bright-eyed, hopeful, junior.

Daniel kicking arse and taking names

Outside of media Daniel plays drums in some bands and generally kicks arse.

I’ll do some disclosure and say that while Daniel and I work for competing agencies the opinions expressed by both he and I represent only our own. They should in no way be related to our agencies, clients, or anybody with common sense.


My first foray into media has been something like what a kid in a candy store feels like. To those seasoned individuals reading this thinking “wait till the hard cold truth hits him” I’m already one step ahead of you – I only need to look at some of the other assistants I work with to get an idea of things to come!

So what about first impressions? I really like what I’ve seen so far. This is now my 3rd week and I am learning a great deal about what it means to be working in a media agency. To be perfectly honest, it’s very exciting stuff! I took a good look at one of the media plans and thought to myself “wow, this really makes sense, I can totally see the vision behind this plan, when do I start planning?”

It turns out I may be lacking some essential skills I need to develop before I get to this stage.

Speaking of training, in house training to develop my skills has so far been out of this world. I have been so impressed with the level of coaching and training available at my agency. I couldn’t help but notice, however, certain publisher based training “seminars” include very little training content and end up turning into a selling exercise. I have worked in sales before – I can smell a sales pitch from a mile away! (But who can really complain when there are French pastries on offer).

Am I keen to stay? Absolutely. Do I enjoy the fact there are long lunches, numerous freebies, after work drinks sponsored by media owners and plenty of after hours events throughout the year? Without a doubt. Will it all come crashing down in a fiery ball of flames once reality sinks in? Stay tuned…


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