Chewing gum in class; Cool is the new nerdy

Chewing gum in class; an action once reserved for only the most wicked rad rebellious badass kids in class should really be an action performed by the geekiest of nerds.

There have been many studies conducted on the effects of chewing gum on both alertness, stress levels and peoples ability to learn and absorb information however a recent report by the Baylor College of Medicine shows that there could be direct academic advantages to chewing gum as a result of the previously established facts.

With this in mind one must wonder about the strict discipline with which children are met for doing, what is in essence, nothing more than enhancing their ability to learn and perform well in class.

Perhaps it is time for teachers and administrators to think about what is in the children’s best interest and, instead of banning chewing gum, making it an essential part of the schooling experience, like a pen license.


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