Could this be the worst ad ever made?

The latest abomination for Tourism Queensland has been released and its a doozy…

Cheesy, false and lame, this commercial manages the extremely rare achievement of invoking nausea.

I believe this ad is by Clemenger, (if I’m wrong please correct me) which is incredibly disappointing as I have seen them do some great work in the past. Unfortunately this one was just dreadful, guys.

Obviously this is just my opinion though, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Could this be the worst ad ever made?

  1. J – I totally agree with you! But unfortunately, I think it is SO bad that it will actually get more exposure that what it would have if it was a cracker.

    Whether this exposure equates to meeting the campaign’s objectives though.. time will tell. Given it is a $500k spend from a $4.5m budget, I hope they are planning some additional creatives!

    Interesting to note Clemenger haven’t (as far as I have seen) put their name to it in any of the press…

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