Awesome, awesome to the max: The list

I haven’t done a list in a while, and I know how blog reader’s love lists, so I present Awesome, awesome to the max: The list. This is a collection of rad shit that has been across the interwebs in the last few months/years/whatever. Where possible I have linked to the person who I found the content through, however as some of it is old or well known its best to assume it probably started somewhere on 4chan.

1. Fuck Yeah Neil Patrick Harris: This site has won the internet, never has so much awesome been in one place.
2. Three Keyboard Cat Moon: I never dreamt in a million years that anything could kick so much arse.
(Via Threadless)
3. Asian people doing Christopher Walken impersonations: One of the greatest things I have ever seen.
(h/t: Shadenfreude Pony)
4. The little ranger dancer: This little kid could “serve” you so bad it would leave you looking like this
(h/t Julian Cole)
5. The utegate scandal as told by lolcats
6. Know your meme series: Great series that analyses the history of specific memes each episode

Have I missed anything? Are then any spectacular displays of awesome that you feel belong on this list?


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