Australians need wankier job titles

I noticed the other day that Australia is falling behind the curb in terms of our job title. We’re stuck in the dark ages where someone who picks up grabage is known as a garbage man while elsewhere they are Waste Disposal Engineers, where the person who answers the phone and coordinates meeting rooms is the receptionist while elsewhere they are the Director of First-impressions.

Well I say enough is enough, from now on if I am your friend I don’t want you to refer to me as “My friend Joel” I want to be called “Senior friendship and drinking partner Joel”.


4 thoughts on “Australians need wankier job titles

  1. f*ck yeah i am all for this

    instead of blog dude i want to be known as ‘word assemblance officer’ and instead of media douche i want to be now called ‘channel agnostic communications leader’

  2. I don’t know if you’ll ever escape the moniker of media douche, unfortunately Ben. 😛

    I would also like the title “cheif executive pirate in charge of gerneral ass kickery”

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