Open letter to Yellow Pages

I couldn’t find a direct email for anyone at Yellow Pages, so I sent this to the “comments and suggestions” section of the website.

I am hoping that I will receive a swift and sensible answer:


I am interested in ensuring that I am not delivered any more issues of the Yellow Pages print edition.

This is for two reasons; firstly I feel that the environmental impact of producing and delivering these issues (despite the recycling) is uncalled for and secondly; The implications of these deliveries helps you to boost the cost of running ads in your editions, this isn’t such a concern to large advertisers, however impacts small to medium businesses, I feel this is not morally acceptable.

I was provided the number 1800 810 211 as the line through which to cancel the deliveries and provided this to my circle of friends (all of whom have not used the print edition for years).

Several of these people were told upon calling that they could not cancel their deliveries as they did not custom order them.

I look forward to your response as I am keen to find out how Australian’s are able to express their right to opt out of unsolicited mail.

Many thanks,

Joel Pearson


6 thoughts on “Open letter to Yellow Pages

  1. I have a feeling that the drones manning the phones in whatever call centre Sensis is currently using haven’t had their scripts updated.
    As discussed in our post on , I apparently managed to opt out when using the 1800 number listed above… either that or they were just humouring me by pretending to take down my details :\

  2. Seriously?

    Well done… you have just added another useless bit of dribble to the internet.

  3. You make a valid point. I quite often look up companies on and rarely use the printed book. Most years it’s only handled on the annual change over. I hope you get a positive response.

  4. Hey Joel, I tracked this down from an old email. Not sure if its legit though?

    Print Directory Opt-out
    You can choose not to receive specific Sensis directory print products by calling 1800 810 211, or emailing

  5. Thanks for that Cath,

    I actually received a reply today asking me for the registered landline phone number for the address…

    Who has a landline?

    I will post about it tonight.



  6. Personally, i still use my printed copy as a great door stop to stop my security door in my apartment closing as I hate having to use two keys, seat in my sun room, step in my kitchen for those items that are just 4inches out of reach, flower press and of course, to beat up my man without leaving any marks.

    All in all, I still think the printed version is still as useful as ever. I know that in the future when I move house, i will use it’s smoker yellow pages to protect my breakables.

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