The times they are a-changing

Bob Dylan
As of this Friday I finish up my time with PHD Australia and set sail across Hyde Park to the fine office of Amnesia Razorfish.

It is a time of new beginnings and growth for me. I am moving from the digital team within a strategy focused above the line agency into the media team within a full service interactive agency. I feel very blessed that I will have worked with both these agencies as they both do what they do exceptionally well. I have learnt so much over the past twelve months with PHD and the experience I have had with them has been priceless, at the same time I look forward to the new challenges that await me at Amnesia.

I commence my new role on Monday. I am very much looking forwards to working with the very talented team at Amnesia and really sinking my teeth into the new role.
I love new jobs, they excite me with their promise of fresh and unfaced challenges.


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