Interweb wrap up

I know I have been neglecting this blog lately, things are just rather hectic at the moment and I haven’t had the time or energy to write any content.

In the interest of putting something up I thought I would quickly throw together a list of the best things the interwebs have shown me over the last week.

So here it is, my interwebs wrap up:

Asians doing Christopher Walken impersonations

hat tip to Schadenfreude Pony

Police in the US tasered and arrested a naked dude who was tripping balls and thought he was a terminator. Epic.

Death of Common Sense
wrote about the scumbag in Melbourne who bashed and choked a guy who was just trying to help a friend out. Lets hope he gets shived in the joint.

Microsoft FINALLY made a good ad

Hat tip to Mumbrella

And of course, everyone’s favourite smug bastard K-Rudd popped his blogging cherry.

I am expecting things to be pretty hectic this week as I finish up in my current role at PHD. In a few weeks time everything should have settled down a little and I should be moved and settled into a new home as well as a new job, until then my posting may remain infrequent.


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