Learning to be grateful for challenging times

As all those that read my blog will be aware, I am currently at a very challenging time in my life.

I am dealing with a lot in terms of my father’s illness while continuing to work a challenging fulltime role as a digital account executive and studying fulltime via distance. Needless to say at the moment emotions are running high and my stress levels are ridiculous.

However I am not complaining because all of this stress, all the challenges currently facing me are, in the long run, for my benefit. Once I come out the otherside of this stressful time I will be stronger, wiser and more prepared for everything that will face me in the life ahead of me.

I have friends who breeze through life, they have no drive, no passion. They earn more money than I do, have less of an education, work less hours. They do not challenge themselves nor does life present them with challenges. Previously I have felt ripped off about this situation, that it is unreasonable that they get such an easy run. However there has been a shift in my thinking. I am the one being presented with opportunity. While they cruise along in their role I am working my arse off, contributing both to my business as well as to trade press to build my profile and gain as much knowledge as possible. Not just about digital media, but about business practices and how to market myself as an employee. In the long run this is going to get me further and make me happier than these other people could imagine.

I am passionate about life and about work and this passion and drive is what I see others lacking. These challenging times in life are like petrol. If you control the flow it is fuel, but if you let it pour too quickly it will just smother the flame of your passion. I choose to harness it as fuel.


One thought on “Learning to be grateful for challenging times

  1. I completely agree. The struggles and challenges life throws at us are all opportunities – an opportunity to either crumble and give up OR an opportunity to stand strong, learn from it and come out the other side better because of it. Good and bad, experience is everything. Without it we become 2D.

    It all comes down to attitude – and the fuel metaphor sums this up perfectly! Thanks Joel.

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