Google Wave: First Thoughts

As I sit here, scotch in hand on my #emonightin, I am still reveling from my first look at Google Wave (video featured below)

My very first thought is a plain and simple “WOW”. This tool will most certainly revolutionize the way we think about peer to peer communication on the web. It is the next logical step in social media evolution.

My next thoughts are not quite as optimistic, but still positive. Firstly; this tool appears to have amazing capabilities within its HTML interface, however I have fears that it will not run nearly as smoothly with a user base tens of (if not hundreds of) times larger than its current developer base. Secondly; the success of this system will depend entirely on developers willingness to build smooth integration methods for all available services. Google were incredibly wise to adopt an open source tactic with this project as integration is essential to making this tool truly useful.

The next thought is a pondering on the monetisation of a product such as this, I would assume they will stick with their current Adwords based keyword targeting. Interested to see what other targeting possibilities can be offered due to the increased amount of conversational data available to Google (in addition to the extra data gained from integrated API feeds such as Twitter etc..

Come launch, I hope they will have developed a fully functional WordPress integration which will allow me to link Wave, WordPress and Twitter to collaborate collectively on threads/posts, among other things…

To conclude, I hope that this will have a successful launch. It shows more potential to revolutionize the way online communication occurs than anything since the development of email or IM.


One thought on “Google Wave: First Thoughts

  1. Thanks xml we are still discovering new ways to explore the potential of the web all the time, and for sure wave is a very cool attempt, I’m really impressed. Time to face the wave!

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