The Power of the Meme: Claire – Chk Chk Boom

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the video on NineMSN of the girl who witnessed the shooting in Kings Cross.

This video went online 2 days ago and has escalated into a meme instantaneously.

Here is what I mean:


Meme links:

and I am sure there are many more out there.

While this is not actually a marketing effort, it is a great example of what could hypothetically be achieved if one created the ultimate social media friendly content. This sits more with creative departments than with media, but everyone in any kind of digital communications team should have an understanding of how these memes grow, morph and are amplified by the echo chamber of social media.

I have no grand insight out of this, it’s just something to ponder.


One thought on “The Power of the Meme: Claire – Chk Chk Boom

  1. Not an easy thing to do but something I would love to see explored. Although the problem is these are usually very grass roots, and as soon as someone steps in to push, resistance pushes back harder.

    I also like how you filed this under “LOL”.

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