5 Lessons from Top Gun

Bad, mother fucker...

While watching Top Gun today I realised that there are some great lessons to be learnt that can be applied to our everyday lives, so with out further delay I present my 5 lessons from Top Gun.

5. Singing “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” will get the girl…

4. Pilots in the navy spend 20% of their time flying (working), 10% of their time drinking, 10% of their time singing, 10% sleeping and 50% of their time with no shirts on posing and pouting at one another. We should distribute our time similarly.
Who's a pretty boy then?
3. If they’re getting close, you’re getting a hard on.
Zoom zooooooom!
2. Its okay to gloat… Fly by’s make you look like a fucking legend.
Look at this bad mother fucker!
1. Everyone needs a wingman!
High Five Buddy


4 thoughts on “5 Lessons from Top Gun

  1. My lessons:

    1. Nothing like the primal grunt of a motorbike at full speed between your legs to make you feel like a real man.
    2. No matter how smart a female character, Hollywood will always find a way to reduce her to the sum of her physical parts – aka tits and arse.
    3. If you are going to work with a ‘Maverick’ don’t drink hot coffee while they’re around.
    4. Karaoke is a team sport, but only one team member ever walks away with the prize.
    5. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry… you sissy boy.

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