I love ‘How I met your mother’

I love the show How I met your mother, I love everything about it, the characters, the jokes and the marketing.

How I met your mother has done something very few entertainment brands have successfully done. It has a completely integrated social media offering that ties in perfectly with each episode.

Through out episodes of the show the character of Barney Stinton (Neil Patrick Harris aka Doogie Howser) frequently makes reference to two recuring items, “The Bro Code” and his blog. When a viewer jumps online and goes to www.BarneysBlog.com they are greated with a blog that is updated with content that either directly reflects the activities of an episode or content that one might be inspired to write if they were in Barneys shoes. This is also supported with a Twitter feed that updates daily with rules plucked directly from “The Bro Code”

I absolutely adore everything about this approach. It keeps me entertained and engaged between episodes. Much respect goes out to CBS…


3 thoughts on “I love ‘How I met your mother’

  1. How I Met Your Mother is my favourite show on TV right now.

    I’ve often admired the way they have integrated social media in with their episodes. I think part of its success is that its not done in an overly, cheesy promoted way.

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