An Alternative to 2009 Predictions

As the new year starts the blogging world is a flurry of predictions for what’s to come in 2009. So instead of attempting to compete with the thousands of experts and analysts I’ve decide to take a cursory glance forward a little further to 2010 and to ignore trends, fads and markets and ask a more personal question. Where do you see yourself in 2010?

Obviously a lot can change in a year and so I don’t want to pretend anything is set in stone. I simply want to know, right this second where do you honestly believe you will be come January 2010?

Personally, I am hoping to have moved into an Account Manager role (I am currently a lowly under-paid Account Coordinator) and be one year further through my studies. If I am still with my current girlfriend (which seems likely) I will probably have moved in with her, perhaps around the city or maybe North Sydney. I am hoping to be playing gigs with a band of some description and will have a decent tan for the first summer in 4 years (okay so maybe the tan is just wishful thinking).

Now its your turn.

So where will you be?


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