’tis the season

The vibe of the festive season is certainly in the air, the weeks are flying by while the work days are dragging on in anticipation of food and booze. Shops, malls and stores are crowded and irritating (more so than usual). My liver is hating me already due to the many Christmas functions I attend due to work and everyone I know is completely broke. Yes, these are truly the tell tail signs of the holiday season. However one thing seems to be missing this year.

While traveling down George St. on my way to the launch party for Mad Men season 2 I noticed the strange absence of the revolting red, green and tinsel that usually adorns the window of every shop front as of October. Then, on the weekend I was in another shopping centre and also noticed that while many shops had a bit of Christmas decoration and maybe one or two had Christmas jingles playing, overall there was a complete lack Christmas spirit on the part of the retail sector.

Don’t get me wrong, Im most certainly not complaining. I am not the biggest fan of Christmas by a long shot and as a general rule if at all possible I avoid the songs/decorations/other vomit inducing paraphernalia that accompanies it. But I feel somewhat bad for those who really, deeply love this season in all its cheesy, commercialised goodness.

Has anyone else noticed this trend?

How do you feel about it?

On a final note a Happy Festivus to all!


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