The Beginners Guide to Social Media by Wayne Smallman

Wayne Smallman (of Blah Blah Tech fame) has pulled together a fantastically easier to read guide through the oft confusing and frightening world of social media. As a person who works in digital media I am the first to note that the majority of businesses (in Australia) that I deal with still have a high level of resistance to social media. They see it as the untamed jungle of the digital world and its always a hard sell to make them see the true value it can represent. With this book marketing managers (who often fear the digital realm) get a broad overview of social media, with enough detail to intrigue even the most hardened of traditional marketers.

The book is well laid out and super easy to follow, with 6 Chapters over 36 pages. The breakdown of subchapters is clean and arranged in a sensical and straightforward manner. My girlfriend has just started to take a keen interest in the world of social media and I will definitely be recommending this book to her as an overview of what is possible. There are very few collections available to beginners that are as detailed and educational as this book. Many books aimed at beginners are too brief, excluding many important details and avoiding the addressing of delicate issue. Smallman however, takes 4 pages to do just that; identify and address the possible cons of marketing on social media.

The thing I enjoyed most about reading Smallman’s book is that it is written for the every-man. There is no tech-jargon (where it cannot be avoided descriptions are provided), even the marketing language is kept simple and straight forward. The points are sharp and to the point.

Be seen, be known, be available.

This is the kind of easy to remember point that should be a companies mantra for social media activity, the kind of lesson that can keep a social media campaign from de-railing and dropping into the void of so many other failed enterprises.

While it isn’t going to blow the minds of people already engaging with social media, all in all the strength of this book comes back to how easy it is to read and connect with. The Christmas party example used throughout this book is familiar and relevant to anyone who has worked in just about any industry on earth (in particular in marketing/advertising). The way the book relates the social sphere back to this kind of every day living could be just the thing to sway marketers with somewhat archaic views. One thing is for sure, the next time I present a social media proposal to a client only to have it looked at with the fear of a deer in headlights I will most certainly be asking the client to take a cursory glance over this e-book, I have a feeling it just might do the trick.

I wouldn’t want to do a book review without some type of rating.

So with that,

Two thumbs up!


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